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"Progress in Steel Buiding Structures"

"Progress in Steel Building Structures", administrated by Ministry of Education and hosted by Tongji University, is a learned journal with national class in structural engineering field. The journal aims at reflecting the development trend of science and technology in steel building industry, promoting academic exchanges by means of reporting the latest scientific research achievements on new material, new technology, new design method, new structural system and their dissemination and applications in actual projects.
"Progress in Steel Building Structures", started in 1999, is a professional academic journal in steel building structure field in China laid out according to international standards. The journal publishes bimonthly original and peer-reviewed scientific and technological papers written in Chinese with content (including copyright information), article name, author name and affiliation, abstract, keyword, figure caption, table caption and reference in Chinese and English. In order to guarantee the academic quality of the journal, we have engaged some well-known professors from Tongji University as members of the Editorial Staff. We have also invited many famous scholars internationally including experts from Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA and UK, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan districts, as members of editorial board. Among all the members of editorial board, there are 7 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Based on the strong background of civil engineering at Tongji University, "Progress in Steel Building Structures" owns a growing influence in steel structure field, and has been widely and highly acclaimed for its excellent work at reporting original research achievements in steel structure field and promoted the academic exchange between authors and readers greatly. We are also very proud of the high ratio of papers contributed by our international editorial board members.
Thanks to the efforts of all members, "Progress in Steel Building Structures" has earned high academic reputation and has been indexed in various important citation resources such as CSCD (Chinese Science Citation Database) of National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Science, GCJC(Guide to Core Journals of China) of Peking University Library, CSTPCD(Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database) of ISTIC (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China) and RCCSE (Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation) of Wuhan University as core journals. Our journal is also included in ULRICH¨s Periodicals Directory.
In 2015, Our journal was indexed in SCOPUS.
The Journal won the 2nd. and 3rd. Shanghai University Periodical of Outstanding Science and Technology Award, and was included in the shortlist of the Top 100 journals of Chinese University in 2016, also received the fund aid of the Annual High Level University Support Program Projects in three consecutive years. In 2018, the Journal was rated as excellent journal for editing and proofreading quality in Shanghai.
In recent years, according to "China Academic Journal impact factor annual report" drafted by CNKI of Tsinghua University: discipline ranking of impact factors of our journal were within the range of top 10-20%.

Journal Information:
Journal name: Progress in Steel Building Structures (Jianzhu Gangjiegou Jinzhan)
ISSN: 1671-9379 (CN 31-1893/TU)
Start year1999
Frequency: Bimonthly
Administrated by Ministry of Education, People¨s Republic of China
Hosted by Tongji University
Editor in Chief: LI Guo-qiang
Associate Editor in Chief: WANG Wei-yong, QU Zhe, LIU Yao-peng, HUO Jing-si
Price: RMB 20 / issue (China Mainland) , $ 6 / issue(Overseas)


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